Overheard in Product: A Big Design Secret, Scope Creep, UX Comas, and Mars Attacks


We’re back with part 4 of Overheard in Product—a series where we round up all of the tantalizing conversations from product folks that you may have missed on the web last week.

This time, we talk about a big secret in design, what to say to folks who ask to add a feature to a release, why Gantt charts are more like can’t charts, milestones in UX design, and a breaking story about astronomy.

Let’s get to it.

Designers: On the font lines

First up: Andy Budd, UX designer and CEO of Clearleft, exposed a big secret about design.

This is a tweet from Clearleft CEO and UX designer Andy Budd about the importance of design. It reads:" Design doesn't matter anywhere near as much as most designers think *but it matters much more than most exectutives think).

Ok, so maybe that’s not such a huge secret, but it’s an important reminder nonetheless. Most folks agreed, and took it as an imperative that designers should work to improve their communication with executives and their own business knowledge.

Just creepin’ it real

Melissa Perri, CEO of Produx Labs, has the perfect response the next time you experience a bit of scope creep:

This is a tweet from Melisa Perri the ceo of produx labs talking about the frustration of last minute feature requests. this is a tweet about product management has the hashtag #prodmagmt

Looks like that same fashion designer also has a perfect outfit for Melissa’s next conference, too.

For when you just Gantt anymore

Andrea Saez of ProdPad wants to stop conflating Gantt charts with product roadmaps. (Which sounds familiar…)

This is a tweet from Andrea Saez of ProdPad about how a gantt chart is not a product roadmap. The tweet says "as pms we have got to stop perpetuating this idea that somehow a bunch of features listed over timeis a product roadmap #prodmgmt"

Liz Love chimed in that her autocorrect changes “Gantt chart” to “can’t chart” which is pretty serendipitously clever.

Deus UX machina

Let me start this one by saying Samuel Hulick is a master at starting conversations on Twitter. +1, would follow again. This time, he asks an interesting hypothetical question:

This is a tweet from Samuel Hulick asking what were the biggest ux design milestones of the past 10 years?

Some notable mentions, Nir Eyal’s Hooked model, voice-based UX, and object-oriented UX.

Bonus: Mars attacks!

What made the moon, made us too.

Last week, Guardian reported that 4.4 billion years ago, a Mars-sized object crashed into the earth—sending a chunk off into space that eventually became the moon and also depositing the carbon and nitrogen that eventually created life itself.

In the words of the wise Bob Ross, that’s one “happy little accident.”

This is a gif of bob ross saying "we don't make mistakes, we just have happy accidents"
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