The Appcues Guide to Bad Tech Puns


Greetings, young Pundawan. At Appcues, we appreciate a great “bad” pun and can’t stop making them ourselves

(Seriously, we can’t stop. Someone took away our command prompts. We’ve lost Ctrl.)

Need a helping hand to create your first bad tech pun to share with your unsuspecting colleagues? Well, we only have one hand to spare, but, thankfully, it’s of the helping variety.

How to Create a Bad Tech Pun

Step #1: Take a technology term or phrase

‍Guess who came up with this one. (Hint: It wasn’t Sales.)

Feeling frustrated about figuring out how to scale your SaaS’s model for effective SQL and MQL adoption and onboarding? Make a pun about it!

Step #2: Take a pop culture reference or particularly funny meme

‍Who doesn’t like a good The Room reference?

We’re personally in the camp of the more obscure, the better. Extra-credit points if it features a connection to a wildly successful bad movie or a wildly unsuccessful good movie.

Step #3: ?

We swear there was a key step here, but it was eaten by a grue.

Step #4: “Profit” from the happiness of your colleagues by sharing your brand new bad tech pun

‍Feel free to tweet this one if you like it. We won’t judge.

The last step is absolutely pivotal: share your pun immediately with the closest person to you. This can be done via Slack message if you’re feeling extra shy today.

How to Tell You’ve Made a Great Bad Tech Pun

If you tell it to your closest office-mate and it actively generates an extra loud groan or a head-on-desk moment, then you’ve done it! Celebrate your new role as the go-to (or stay-away) puns guy/gal in your office.

Got a good one? Share it with us by posting them on Twitter with #badtechpuns. And, if you’re ever feeling creatively drained and can’t possibly think of one, check out our latest bad tech pun.

Reggie is a content marketing professional based in Boston. He previously led the content efforts at BevSpot and has also written in a freelance capacity for a variety of online platforms. In his spare time, he likes to play tabletop/video games with close friends and hang out at a local rock show.

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