What does a lift in retention mean for your bottom line?

The SaaS Retention Curve Calculator:
A free growth tool made with Google Sheets


Create your retention curve


Calculate the value of a retention lift


Determine where to experiment next

We've all seen data on the importance of customer retention like a 5% improvement in retention results in a 25-95% profit increase....But it's hard to feel the impact of improving retention when we're reading someone else's data.With insight from some of the world's leading growth experts, we built a calculator to help you create your a retention curve from your own data, and determine the impact of a retention lift has on your company's bottom line.With our free tool, you can calculate the impact of a lift on different stages of your user's journey in 10 minutes or less.It's our hope that this helps you easily see where to dig in and start running your growth experiments.

—Ty Magnin, Marketing Director, Appcues