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“User onboarding isn't 'set it and forget it.'

Your onboarding needs to evolve with your market and product.”


—Samuel Hulick,

Build a Flexible User Onboarding Experience Code-Free

Your dev team is too busy to build and iterate on your onboarding experience. Publish and update yours instantly to increase your activation rate.

“Launching features with emails and blog posts doesn’t drive adoption.

In-product messages and tours increase new feature activation by 20%”


—PLC, Growth, AdRoll

Communicate New Features Contextually without Writing Code

Your users don’t read all of your feature announcement emails. Show them your new features from inside of your product and better motivate adoption.

“Designing habit-forming products isn't easy.

Sending the right trigger at the right time is critically important."


—Nir Eyal, Best-Selling Author, Hooked

Target Messages to Appear at the Right Time

Sometimes users get into a routine using a part of your product, but miss other value-adds. Nudge users to discover and activate better habits that deepen their engagement.

"Appcues is so powerful because it allows us to build our product marketing campaigns into a user’s natural workflow."

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Jeffrey Vocell

Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Jeffrey Vocell, Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot

"We've found that users getting through the Appcues onboarding sequence have higher median retention rates than those that just get our email onboarding sequence."

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Morgan Brown

Growth Driven COO, Inman News

Morgan Brown, Growth

"Pretty amazing that we went live with Appcues in just three weeks. We see BIG things happening with this already."

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Jaime Viera

Marketing Specialist, Schedulicity

Jamie Viera Schedulicity

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