International WomEn’s Day

Celebrating women kicking SaaS


Studies show women are less likely to self-promote than men. We wanted to change that! So, we asked our customers to tell us about the hard-working women building their product experiences. More than 100 women were nominated by their teammates for the exceptional work they do. So, this International Women’s Day, join us at Appcues in celebrating the WOMEN KICKING SAAS.

Meet the women:

Sally Hammady

Senior Product Manager

"Exceptional communication skills, which facilitate seamless collaboration and alignment across cross-functional teams."
"Sally is such a great inspiration in work and on personal level. Sally deserves a lot, and this nomination is the least we can offer her. She delivered features that made a huge difference in the product."
"She's been doing an amazing job"
"As a Sr. PM in our organization, Sally consistently places the customer at the heart of every decision, ensuring product experiences resonate deeply with their needs and aspirations. Her approach is characterized by meticulous research, thoughtful analysis, and a genuine desire to enhance the lives of those she serves."
"One of Sally's most remarkable qualities is her innate ability to immerse herself in diverse domains, learning and adapting with unparalleled agility. For instance, she led university students in an annual electrical car competition despite lacking a formal background in mechanics. Her willingness to embrace new challenges and venture beyond her comfort zone is a testament to her remarkable resilience and commitment to personal growth."
"What sets Sally apart is not just her expertise, but her remarkable eloquence in articulating complex ideas with clarity and precision. Whether she's presenting a product strategy or facilitating a brainstorming session, her communication skills captivate audiences and inspire action. Her eloquent delivery has fostered a culture of collaboration and innovation within our organization, empowering teams to push the boundaries of possibility."
"Beyond her professional achievements, Sally embodies the spirit of lifelong learning, continually seeking new opportunities to expand her horizons and deepen her understanding of emerging trends and technologies. Her insatiable curiosity and thirst for knowledge serve as a beacon of inspiration to her colleagues, encouraging us all to embrace learning as a journey of discovery and self-improvement. Sally is a role model for all at Incorta! "
"Sally is a high performing product manager who leads a critical part of the product platform portfolio. She embodies all things you expect from a product manager and is the ideal blend between inbound execution and outbound collaboration with different stakeholders."
"Sally has consistently exhibited outstanding dedication and skill in driving our product strategy, demonstrating resilience and unwavering commitment, particularly in the face of both personal and business challenges. She has not only met but exceeded expectations, delivering high-quality results and inspiring the whole team."
"Exceptional product presentation skills, unique personality, light spirited & friendly"
"Amazing Colleague"
"During the time I worked with Sally, I saw that she's talented, diligent and hardworking, and everyone likes working with her. I hope she continues to do well and stays happy"
"Sally’s empathy is exceptional, this is always very obvious when we are working on a problem statement that isn’t clearly defined or a customer reported bug, her ability to stand in the customer(user) shoe and understand his pain is exceptional, this make her able to solve really complex problems. Sally’s a really helpful & supportive colleague, you can always go to her for advice and second opinions. She is also really talented when it comes to presenting and communicating a product idea. She doesn’t only focus on product delivery but she also care about understanding product adoption, how the users use the features, what are the best way to promote the features & product."
"She cares deeply about understanding the customer use case which made her help the pre sales, sales & product team to acquire a new customer. She always see areas of improvements and work on enhancing everything she takes part in. Sally is an exceptional leader, you can’t attend a meeting and hear her talk without getting inspired or looking at problems & things from a totally different perspective. Her knowledge is admirable and she has made a change in everything she has taken part of & am pretty sure she will make a change anywhere she goes."
"Sally’s has mentored me and this changed my life on both a professional & personal level. She helped me grow in ways I can’t explain and this was obvious in me getting a promotion few month after she started mentoring me (4 month to be more specific). Sally has gone above and beyond in her work & her impact isn’t small, anyone who work with her can tell how professional she is in everything she does."

Basia Pietraszewska

Group Product Owner

"Basia has revolutionized our product development approach, our speed to market, our roadmap to revenue connection and has created a homegrown system that invites the voice of the customer into the development cycle."
"Her commitment to the success of her team while delivering exceptional results for the company"
"Basia has entirely re-built our go to market process from a product perspective, aligning customer feature requests with revenue and resources to implement. She's transparent across the entire company!"
"Basia has demonstrated exceptional performance as the Group Product Owner for Worksuite, showcasing a remarkable blend of leadership, innovation, and strategic vision. With her keen understanding of market dynamics and customer needs, Basia has spearheaded the development and evolution of Worksuite's product offerings, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering tangible value to both the company and our customers. Her ability to align cross-functional teams, prioritize initiatives, and drive execution has been instrumental in achieving key milestones and driving business growth. Basia's dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence make her an invaluable asset to the Worksuite team, inspiring others to push boundaries and strive for greatness."
"Basia is a brilliant product owner who brings revenue ownership, the voice of the customer and discipline to our product organization."
"Smart hard working single Mom who makes difference every day"
"Basia took the lead in a loosely organized team. She turned it into a highly effective team by introducing process documentation, building a product roadmap that is easy to understand and a system of communication so all team members know what to expect. She brought the disorganized and turned them into a powerhouse."
"Basia always goes above and beyond to deliver on product launches. She's created a whole new process to vet feedback on the product roadmap, evaluate for revenue impact and launch-- and she's done so transparently across the full organization."
"Basia has revolutionized our product development approach, our speed to market, our roadmap to revenue connection and has created a homegrown system that invites the voice of the customer into the development cycle."
"Her commitment to the success of her team while delivering exceptional results for the company"
"Basia has entirely re-built our go to market process from a product perspective, aligning customer feature requests with revenue and resources to implement. She's transparent across the entire company!"
"Basia has demonstrated exceptional performance as the Group Product Owner for Worksuite, showcasing a remarkable blend of leadership, innovation, and strategic vision. With her keen understanding of market dynamics and customer needs, Basia has spearheaded the development and evolution of Worksuite's product offerings, consistently exceeding expectations and delivering tangible value to both the company and our customers. Her ability to align cross-functional teams, prioritize initiatives, and drive execution has been instrumental in achieving key milestones and driving business growth. Basia's dedication, passion, and relentless pursuit of excellence make her an invaluable asset to the Worksuite team, inspiring others to push boundaries and strive for greatness."
"Basia is a brilliant product owner who brings revenue ownership, the voice of the customer and discipline to our product organization."
"Smart hard working single Mom who makes difference every day"
"Basia took the lead in a loosely organized team. She turned it into a highly effective team by introducing process documentation, building a product roadmap that is easy to understand and a system of communication so all team members know what to expect. She brought the disorganized and turned them into a powerhouse."
"Basia always goes above and beyond to deliver on product launches. She's created a whole new process to vet feedback on the product roadmap, evaluate for revenue impact and launch-- and she's done so transparently across the full organization."

Basia Pietraszewska

Group Product Owner

Jasmine Acebes

Senior Product Designer


"Jasmine has a deep understanding of the unique challenges faced by restaurants in managing their teams, and she brings that context every day into her work as a designer. She dives into the heart of what makes a restaurant team tick, leveraging her deep insights to not only design solutions that she works on herself, but also elevating designers around her through feedback and collaboration."

2x nominee

Laura Acevedo

Product Manager

Veryable Inc.

""She is an unparalleled force driving innovation and success. Her keen insight and unwavering dedication have propelled our product to new heights, transforming ideas into reality with precision and flair. With a knack for collaboration and a passion for user-centric design, she's reshaping industries and leaving a lasting mark on the world of product management."

"She will make all ends meet to release a good product in the market.I have seen her stressed to a whole another level but she never fails to deliver the perfect product!"

Rachele Aidala

Senior Manager, Customer Experience

Classy (GoFundMe)

"Rachele is a powerhouse that has transformed the way our company supports our customers through strategically scaled offerings. She always has a pulse on the trends in the space and approaches the work our team does with an experimental mindset, welcoming failure and accepting challenges that will make our team grow for the best!"

Becky Asher

VP, Customer Operations


"Becky is by far the single most inspirational leader I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Team first, genuine, authentic, caring, thoughtful, and calm-- Becky is the complete package. She's a fantastic listener, motivating leader, and just easy to love!"

Rachel Beckstead

Sr Director of Product


"She works incredibly hard for our owners (customers) and is an amazing collaborator. She serves as a mentor to many, has a team of direct reports while also having the output of an IC. I can’t say that I’ve had a better manager."

Sara Beech

Director of Sales


Her leadership is exceptional! The way she pours into her people and enables them to deliver their best work is inspiring.

Jess Bergson

Head of CX, Growth


Jess is an incredible leader. She's highly effective working cross-functionally. Not only does every Mutineer love and have deep respect for her, her work and her opinions, but our customers are obsessed with her as well. Mutiny wouldn't be what it is today without her passion and hard work!

Amy Bickler

Program Manager


Amy can do ANYTHING. Ask her for help on any task or an idea and you will soon have a polished asset (i.e. report, presentation, newsletter, data table, etc.) to work off of. Juggling data analysis, executive presentations, team building, communications, and program updates (all while supporting anything/everything the team needs), Amy makes our team's job so much easier!

Elisabetta Bomprezzi

Product Manager

She is in charge of managing the engagement and activation campaigns of our users, both app and web. Her contribution has allowed us to improve the user experience of those who use our platform through the creation (obviously with Appcues) of flows, onboarding processes and tooltips to transform our users into real ninjas in finding the house of their dreams on our site and app.

Emma Bonney

Senior Support Team Member & Training Coordinator

Citrus-Lime Ltd

"Emma's work ethic is truly admirable, always giving her all and producing outstanding results. Recently, her contribution to a project launching a new product was invaluable. By skilfully implementing Appcues, Emma significantly enhanced the user experience, making a noticeable impact on the project's success."

Katy Brenneman

Product Manager


"Katy is a one-stop-shop of product knowledge and expertise. She works tirelessly to understand our audience and build experiences that make their lives better. Katy is beloved across the organization for her ability to operationalize high-level strategic thinking — turning roadmap dreams into feature realities. I'm grateful to partner with her every day. Thank you, Katy!"

Katie Briggs

Sr. Product Manager


Katie is a ray of sunshine. She navigates an array of nebulous problems with grace and builds strength in those around her. Her warmth is infectious and her belief in the impossible is unwavering. She weaves empathy into every decision, understanding that behind every feature lies a human need. She is laser focused on value and the relentless pursuit of excellence. Katie doesn't just tame big, nebulous problems, she transforms them into stepping stones to success. I consider myself lucky to have her on your team.

Amanda Burgoyne

VP of Nursing Compliance


"Amanda has been an integral partner and co-founder from the outset. She is not only kind and trustworthy but also often plays a nurturing role within our company, reminiscent of a motherly figure. Her exceptional attention to detail and unique expertise significantly contribute to our success, showcasing a brilliance that is uniquely hers."

Clodagh Callan

Product Manager


She is excellent at what she does, she's got tonnes of product knowledge and she's always on the ball. She's also so much fun to chat to!

Daniela Castellanos

The All Doer

Open LMS

"Her role has a massive impact, so much as below as above."

Marina Chester

Engineering Manager

Northwestern Mutual

"Marina is our team's utility player.  She knows everything about everything and can whip up a PowerPoint, a BI dashboard, or an Excel pivot table faster than Superman can.  She's kind to small children and animals (aka, our team) and keeps all of our OKRs on track like a boss.  She's always willing to try something new and she loves to experiment with ways to make us all more efficient.  She's truly the best of the best."

Aneta Cieślicka

Senior UX Writer


Aneta is a pioneer of the contextual help implemenation in our company! She constantly puts a huge effort into providing the best possible onboarding experience to our customers, explore all the opportunities and dive into data to make the best decisions.

Jourdan Clyburn

Sr. Manager, Product Design


"Jourdan goes above and beyond to support and nurture her team. Not only is she is talented at recognizing pitfalls, but also at helping her team to avoid them with unique and practical solutions. She’s very hardworking and thoughtful, always willing to make herself available to help with anything and striving to lift everyone up with her positive attitude!"

Maria Cláuver

Product Designer


"She’s an exceptional designer with incredible strategic thinking and product skills."

Rachel Collier

Payments Lead

"Rachel leads a small team that makes an outsized impact at I honestly don't know how she does all the things she does in a day. She's our go to problem solver, and can make any interaction delightful."

Ashritha D'Souza

Product Manager


Ashritha (a.k.a. Ashi) is the quiet listener who can get more done in an hour than some can do an in day (or week). Thoughtful, thorough, fast and extremely bright, Ashi has helped our team transform digital customer engagement. And complete dedication for everything she manages.

Marit den Hartog

Product Marketer


Marit will make sure that everything runs smoothly, whether it's product marketing, billing or any other job that needs to be done in order to make our customers happy.

Pip Denton

Product Marketing Specialist


"Pip is ALWAYS helpful, always kind, and always doing work that is above and beyond. Any project that she gets her hands on is phenomenal, and any person that is lucky enough to be on a project with her is set up for success because of the hard work she does every day. In addition to being an amazing coworker, she's also hilarious, a hard working mom, and is always supportive of our team."

Melissa Deziel

Staff Product Manager


Melissa did a phenomenal job presenting the value of Appcues launchpad to stakeholders and got everyone onboard to implement and adopt this feature. Her dedication to creating customer awareness and education has elevated our communication channels.

Juliana Doxey

VP People Operations and Privacy

Marble API

"Juliana's leadership is characterized by a profound understanding of the intricate balance between organizational needs and employee well-being. Under her guidance, our people operations have flourished, marked by a significant improvement in employee satisfaction, retention rates, and talent acquisition. Her strategic vision has ensured that our workforce is not only highly skilled but also deeply committed to our core values and mission."

Uwa Fields

Senior Manager, Marketing Operations


"Uwa is our marketing rock here. She is always working hard, ensuring that things get done (including projects with Appcues), and is a level-headed leader when the going gets tough."

Kara Fox

Product Manager


Kara not only leads a large engineering tribe successfully, she never hesitates to volunteer for tasks that fall outside of her job description that help move the company forward!

Denise Franke

DevOps Engineer

Altman Solon

"Denise goes above and beyond to ensure all new features we ship are deployed with high quality. She has also been instrumental in getting us to understand user behavior through session replay and identify friction points that we can address."

Shawna Garcia

Sr. Product Manager


Shawna defines "get things done". She is data-driven, solutions-oriented driver for our team. In less than a year, she has taken over (and discovered opportunities) across multiple products and helped set the standard for what product managers do on our team.

Fusco Giuliana

E-Commerce Manager

MSC Cruises

"She makes a difference in the team. Her constance and presence create a good environment with best performance and it doesn't just stop there, it is at the forefront of bringing results and making things happen."

Athanasia Gkirini

Group Product Manager

Delivery Hero

"Athanasia has the ability to lead five Squads that drive multiple high-impact initiatives for the Company. She ensures the team focuses on what matters and supports with making the right decisions towards clear goals."

Mahiti Godoy



"For giving everyone the opportunity to develop. For "navigating" different scenarios with simplicity and practicality."

Caroline Gosch

Product Manager


"She handles various topics exceptionally at the same time. As a PM she is working with the development team and providing valuable insight about our customers and the "why" of our developments. She always explains well the details behind stories and epics. She brings joy into the team and also in stressful moments, she keeps track of the important topics and does not get lost."

Tanisha Goyal

Head - Human Resources Department


"Tanisha has headed multiple HR-related projects with great finesse in a short span of time. Her dedication and hard work speaks for itself. Keep going, Tanisha!!"

Anila Hasaj

Group Product Manager


"She inspires her team to deliver great product features and results. And she just manages to get a lot of shit done in a male-dominated team."

Courtney Head

Product Manager


"Her willingness to always put aside her own work to help me better understand and implement AppCues in the most efficient and effective way possible."

Abigail Hehemann

Director of Product Marketing


Her knowledge of product marketing, upbeat attitude and beautiful smile!

Barbara Hernandez-Taylor

Team Lead & Senior Manager, Product Marketing


Simply put, Barb Hernandez-Taylor is an incredible human. From her ability to deliver high-quality work to keeping the team together through numerous (truly, numerous) leadership changes — Barb is there every step of the way to help and support. At the end of the day, Barb cares about our mission, cares about our company, and most importantly, cares for her team above all else. It is an absolute privilege and honor to nominate, Barb.

Chelsea Hook

Product Marketing Manager


"Chelsea goes above and beyond in the product marketing space at ezyVet. She established the team and built it out from one (just her), to now have 6 people and is helping take ezyVet to the next level."

Emily Hottal

Senior Group Product Manager


Emily tirelessly worked with multiple teams to improve the integration and made sure all valuable customer data was available within Appcues for better targeting. She is constantly thinking of ways to reach our customers meaningfully, at the right time.

Sandra Isamade

Senior QA Engineer


"Sandra is a dedicated team member who consistently goes above and beyond to ensure that all of our products, whether in production, beta, or live, are of the highest quality. Whenever we identify any issues, Sandra quickly jumps on the task, investigating deeply to validate any concerns and provide clear action items to address them. Her commitment to excellence is invaluable in delivering the best possible experience to our customers."

Meg Johnson

Director of Customer Success

Jasper AI

"In every way possible, Meg is a superstar employee. She has incredibly deep and vast knowledge of Jasper's customers, systems, and inner workings and she is exceptional at distilling that knowledge into helpful insights and guidance for our product, engineering and design org. She is extremely responsive and willing to take on just about any task across the business. While I've been at Jasper, I've watched Meg eagerly adopt new skills like learning SQL and becoming one of our most savvy Mode users (our BI tool at Jasper) to ensure her decisions are data-driven. And beyond her incredible work ethic and professional skillset, Meg is one of the kindest, most encouraging and energizing people I have ever worked with. I absolutely love working with Meg and feel very lucky to call her a teammate!"

Neha Kalani

Product Manager


"Neha is an amazing PM who has been with our company since its founding. She is the go-to person. From engineers to designers, everyone go’s to her, and she’s always there to lend a helping hand."

2x nominee

Pooja Kaluskar

Senior Engineering Manager

Veryable Inc.

"She is a visionary leader whose impact knows no bounds. With a rare blend of empathy and strategic prowess, she navigates challenges with grace, inspiring her team to exceed expectations. Her commitment to fostering inclusivity and empowering others sets her apart, making her a beacon of excellence in leadership."

"Rain or shine, she always manages to meet all the expectations while juggling team responsibilities, being the superwoman she is!"

Kim Kembie

Product Designer


"Highly skilled and goes above and beyond to get things shipped!"

Adrienne Kent

Senior Staff Technical Writer


"Adrienne is exactly that "above-and-beyond without self promotion" person. She wants to get the job done and help everyone else get the job done. Optimistic, funny, hardworking, and ceaselessly empathetic."

Alee Koney

Team Lead, Instructional Design


"Alee stands out as an exceptional member of our team, not only for her unmatched expertise in Appcues but also for her proactive approach in leveraging this knowledge to benefit our customers. She is consistently the first to offer innovative solutions and insights that enhance our product utilization, demonstrating a deep commitment to improving our customer experience. Alee's dedication to advocating for customer understanding sets a stellar example for her colleagues, fostering a culture of empathy and support within our team. Her hard work and initiative not only drive our success but also inspire those around her to strive for excellence. Alee's contributions are invaluable, making her a true asset to our organization."

Stephanie Kramer

Product Manager


"Stephanie has maintained her professionalism, strong work ethic, and collaborative spirit in the midst of taking over the management of more products and globally staffed teams. She demands excellence of herself and doesn't want to lower standards in the face of a growing workload. She builds relationships throughout the organization and is highly responsive to others' needs. Amazingly, she also has her own business that she runs with her husband apart from her day job. She shows up with a smile and a willingness to help."

Kara Lawson

Director, Product Marketing


"Whenever I get to work with Kara, I immediately feel a wave of calmness. Kara's communication skills keep everyone on task, and allows for teams to set clear expectations to ensure success. When something presents as an obstacle, Kara never shies away from the task at hand, always attacks it head on, and shares her ideas in a clear format to make things better. I'm so lucky I get to work with Kara, as I've learned so much from her both professionally and personally."

Brighie Leach

Data Science Manager


"Brighie, an invaluable asset to our team at Jasper, is much more than just 'employee 77'. She's a trailblazer in the technosphere, a shining beacon in the industry, and an absolute powerhouse when it comes to her job.J asper, a leading light in the AI space for marketing teams, has had its trajectory significantly shaped by Brighie's contributions. As a Data Science Manager, she's not just adept at her role, but she excels in it, consistently pushing the boundaries of what's possible. Her work, steeped in experience across Finance, FinTech, and AI industries, is nothing short of inspirational. But what sets Brighie apart isn't just her technical prowess. It's her unwavering commitment to teamwork, her willingness to lend a hand, and her tenacity to see every task through to the end. She's not just a team player; she's the glue that holds us together, fostering a collaborative atmosphere that encourages everyone to strive for excellence. Brighie also possesses a deep understanding of our customer data, an attribute that is indispensable in the Customer Success world where I reside. Her insights into our target audience have been instrumental in shaping our strategies, ensuring we always keep our customers at the heart of what we do. In short, Brighie is a joy to work with, a master of her craft, and a true embodiment of what it means to be an exceptional woman in tech. I firmly believe that her nomination for this award is not just well-deserved, but absolutely necessary. Let's shine a spotlight on her remarkable achievements and give her the recognition she so richly deserves."

Carolina Lindenberg

Product Manager


Energetic, organized, well articulated and smart

Jess Locca

Senior Product Marketing Manager


"Jess is an extremely talented product marketer who consistently goes above and beyond for our customers and our entire team. As a sole product marketer, she's highly adaptable and has a proven ability to deliver excellence while wearing many hats - whether she's tackling a product release, improving our positioning, working on enablement materials, you name it. Jess has a deep understanding of our customers and plays a big role in influencing the broader product and activation strategies. I am so thankful to have Jess on the team - she very much deserves this nomination."

Heather MacPherson

Project Manager

Top Notch QA

"Heather brings organization and structure to our team in ways that are noticeable and impactful.  Since she first started at Top Notch, she began to notice improvements that could be made in our processes and implemented a number of solutions.  These contributions include process guides, project organization documents, meeting notes, project retros, and a million other little things that could be easily unnoticed but make the workload for everyone more bearable and project onboarding a breeze.  Though Heather is my wife and I am a little biased, the sentiment is shared throughout the team that she carries so much more than just her own weight.  And through it all, she brings an indefatigable positivity and compassion."

Chloe Madden

Product Designer


She's so talented at what she does, she's brightened up the whole office with her can-do attitude and the culture club and I love that she has very clear boundaries and isn't afraid to speak her truth.

Regina Magaril

Head of Demand Generation


Regina gets things done like none other. She's delightful to work with and laser-focused on results. She is a master at building relationships internally and externally, and at extracting the best work from everyone she works with. She's a force you can't bring down!

Jameace Maliga

Director of People Ops

MetaMap, Inc.

"Jameace is assertive and collaborative but in such a charismatic and diplomatic way that is very unique and interesting to see in action. She was forced into this Director position and it was either sink or swim, and Jameace embraced the challenge by using it as an opportunity to grow professionally."

Margaret Marsh

Product Lead


Margaret is the perfect blend of vision and execution. She keeps the team moving and delivering, but can pivot quickly without missing a beat or slowing progress.

Rieza Marukot

Senior Product Manager


"She just gets things done. Even when things don't get 'done', she knows what progress looks like and creates milestones that people can rally around. She cares deeply about our customers and their needs. All that plus the fact that she basically single-handedly implemented and continues to refine our use of Appcues within our product org. IF nothing else, she's just kind of a badass and would be deserving of this kind of recognition"

Mary Kimberl

Marketing Manager


The definition of versatility, Mary has worn too many hats on our team to help fill gaps and deliver results. From leading difficult initiatives to gathering data to project managing (i.e. herding cats) to playing a role in creating new ways for our customers to engage with us through digital capabilities, Mary is always willing to step in and help!

A.J. Miller

Product Strategist


A.J. in a few words; exceptional product manager, strategist, data-wizard/scientist, relationship builder, process improver, problem-solver, idea-generator, business owner, world traveler, dedicated mother, ski-instructor, leader...yet this is only a subset of skills A.J. has mastered and teaches our team (daily).

Sara Miranda

Director of Marketing


"Aclymate is an early-stage startup with minimal funding and Sara has been having to wear one hundred different hats and asked to perform with little budget. That she's been able to get anything done would be amazing, that she's been able to do so much is nearly miraculous."

Carol Miranda

Head of Engineering


A while back... everything went to shi* with my life. The one thing I still enjoyed was showing up to work and trying my best :) Carol supported me through all that.

Saumya Mittal



Saumya Mittal, the CEO and Co-Founder of FitBudd, exemplifies resilience and innovation in her entrepreneurial journey. From her beginnings as a chemical engineer to her current role as a visionary leader, Saumya's trajectory speaks volumes about unwavering determination and the artistry of innovation. Her impact extends far beyond her ventures, inspiring countless women to embrace challenges and pursue their dreams amidst challenges, painting the world with hues of empowerment and possibility.

Thamy Mota

Group Product Manager

Stone Co

She's proactive, can see the big picture, has good communication skills and is super easygoing

Leah Naomi

Sr. Product Manager


Leah is an outstanding and tenacious product manager. Open, focused, fast-learner, and driven. She has transformed how we obtain customer feedback to gain insights and drive priorities. She is also so easy to work with and is always ready to step in and help.

Analiese O'Toole

Product Manager


Analiese is one of the most versatile people I've worked with to-date. Starting out as a data analyst, she helped identify and transform how our team measures success. Now, in a pivotal product management role, she is combining her data skills with amazing product management acumen to help our team identify and onboard a whole new way of digital self-service.

Lauren Okruch

Brand/Product Marketing Manager


Lauren is sunshine in a human. Her laugh is infectious and we all love being around her. She's amazing at what she does and always brings a lot of value with her ideas and implementation. She's so much fun to collaborate with and I wish her all the best in whatever she does next.

Yael Oppenheim

Senior Director of Customer Experience


"Yael's always looking for ways to improve the customer experience in Similarweb and utilizes all the survey options in Appcues - she must be doing this right as their NPS score is one of the highest around!"

Damaris Pacheco

Customer Success Manager

Interact Quiz Maker

"Damaris took on a new hire this past year and I've been amazed at her management skills. She's patient, kind, and has the best sense of humor all while keeping things professional and extremely organized for her team. Meanwhile, she's kept up the same volume of chat support, while diving into new projects like outreach, webinars, and events. She's also been called out a few times in our team Slack for upselling subscriptions that make more sense for our customers."

Anna Cláudia Pinheiro

Sr Product Manager


"She did a great job by shifting Swile's culture by being product oriented instead sales oriented."

Modesta Rahman

Head of Product Management


She could replace chat GPT, except that she's got emotions which makes her incredible to work with. I don't know how I would survive (or anyone) without her at work.

Anna Reddish

Campaign Specialist


"Anna is consistent. She leads with her values. She acknowledges and owns misses - even when they are not her own. She works hard and cares about personal development. She demonstrates team cooperation. She celebrates others successes. She has outstanding character and patience. She is inspiring."

Amanda Reynolds

Product Manager


"Amanda executes at a high level, and leads our Appcues efforts to provide the best onboarding and educational experience in our platform."

Carolina Rocha

UX Researcher

Stone Co

She is so awesome and pleasant to work with. Also a big head, knows everything about research

Monica Romaniuk

Senior Product Marketing Manager

Bench Accounting

"Monica, our Senior Product Marketing Manager, embodies the essence of professionalism and meticulous attention to detail in every project she undertakes. With an unwavering commitment to clarity in communication, she ensures that every task is conveyed with precision, leaving no room for ambiguity. Her proactive approach to support not only elevates the team's performance but also fosters an environment of collaboration and mutual respect. Monica's influence extends beyond her immediate responsibilities, as her dedication and expertise significantly contribute to the success and growth of our team and product line. Her presence is a constant reminder of the impact meticulous planning, clear communication, and supportive teamwork can have on achieving our strategic goals."

Pramity Roy

QA Champ

BrokerBay Inc.

"Meet Pramity, the 🌟 of our QA team! She's not just a brilliant QA engineer, but also a shining example of kindness and dedication. 💪 Her work ethic is unparalleled, always going above and beyond to ensure top-notch quality in every project she touches. But what truly sets her apart is her ❤️ for her coworkers. Pramity's warmth and supportiveness create a vibrant and uplifting atmosphere, making her not just a coworker, but a cherished friend. With Pramity on the team, success is not only inevitable but enjoyable too! 🚀"

Noor Saleh

Digital Content Specialist


"Noor is a ray of sunshine. She asks all the right questions to get things done and is constantly improving the user experience for her customers. She inspires the people around her and I am so lucky to work with her!"

Ashley Schuurman

Product Owner


"Hands down the best product owner I have worked with, she takes the time to know everything in the system. She is amazing at juggling so many things and always getting everything done."

Pammie Shapiro

Director, Program + Tech Integration


Pammie's nickname on our team is the GOAT (when she gets a shoutout in slack people react with a goat emoji! 🐐) She is dedicated to our work and to helping translate the needs of our users and staff to our technology. Pammie is also a person I turn to for support in navigating difficult situations - she always has helpful advice and insight. I've gotten to work very closely with her in building out our Appcues (among other projects) and it's a joy to brainstorm big ideas and then move those ideas into reality.

Mei Siauw



"She has kept our start-up ship steady in turbulent waters. Pro-active and empathetic style of leadership."

Louwna Smith

Product Designer


Louwna’s creativity and passion are the driving forces behind her remarkable work. As a Product Designer, she combines aesthetics with functionality, crafting user experiences that resonate deeply. Her attention to detail and ability to empathize with users set her apart.But what truly makes Louwna exceptional is her unwavering commitment to inclusion. She champions diversity, ensuring that every voice is heard in the design process. Her designs don’t just look good; they create spaces where everyone feels seen and valued.Louwna’s dedication to breaking barriers inspires those around her. She fearlessly pushes boundaries, challenging norms and sparking innovation. Her impact extends beyond pixels and prototypes; it’s about shaping a more inclusive world.So, let’s raise a toast to Louwna Smith—trailblazer, advocate, and visionary. Her work reminds us that design isn’t just about aesthetics; it’s about making a difference. Happy International Women’s Day!

Antonia Stockwell

Marketing Director


Antonia is super hard working and has rebuilt and reformed the Marketing department at BaseKit.  She has created partner/customer facing assets that look amazing and are really insightful - the work that she and her team produce makes my job as an Account Manager easy.  Antonia is always super passionate and inquisitive, and willing to talk to partners with us, which again is a great partnership for AM's.  I feel like there isn't anything that I can't put to Antonia.

Sandra Störr

UX/UI Designer

smapOne AG

She is always on fire for her team and her work. There is a steady flow of creativity around her. Whatever is highest prio: she gives maximum focus on it. And she is an always reliable colleague in all matters. Thank you, Sandra!

Sukanya Suresh

Engineering Lead


"She personifies women in STEM, being a hands-on coder with profound expertise in Core Computer Science Engineering. She played a key role in establishing Everstage's CI-CD and scalability engineering. Additionally, she mentors her junior colleagues, making her an excellent and empathetic team member to collaborate with."

Kim Thibault

Chief Product Officer


"Kim has built us an awesome product with referral rates exceeding 50%+ conversion rates 30%+ and NPS of 40+"

Sarah Trimble

Product Manager


In a VERY short time, Sarah took on one of the most difficult (and politically charged) products within our business and taken it to the next level. With a driven customer focus, her work to ensure customers have the right information at the right time while building partnership across multiple internal teams to streamline complicated processes is, well, quite amazing!

Sharon Ullom

Director of Marketing


"Sharon is a one-person army. The amount and variety of projects and tasks she manages is astounding - from managing social media accounts to overseeing UI design, to stocking exhibition supplies to keeping up-to-date with the ever-expanding landscape of Ai, she does it all. Always open to connect with to dream, commiserate, or laugh - Sharon is an example of the best kind of leadership: curiosity mixed with empathy. Her impact on our company and on our work environment cannot be overstated."

Julie Unger



"Julie embodies the perfect balance of tenacity and compassion. In a culture where it can be far too easy be consumed by the daily 'emergencies,' Julie drives accountability among our leadership team to stay focussed and uphold strong process. She is the most organized and aware individual I know, and she has the unique ability to spot risks before they become an issue. Julie is a talented brand builder who knows how to deliver through ambiguity, as business priorities shift around (which tends to happen frequently)."

Akkshaya Varkhedi

Sr. Product Manager


"A pragmatic product manager prioritizing customer satisfaction and the art of product development. With keen interest in mentoring aspiring PMs, she embodies the ideal PM, focusing on customer needs, collaborating with the Marketing team for successful launches, and embracing feedback. Overall, she excels as both a PM and a mentor."

Pamela Viarengo



"She gave me autonomy to grow in the company and her human side is the most"

Polina Voronevica

Product Content Manager


"Provides Adverity users with the guides and tours they need to get the most out of Adverity, and with awesome announcements of changes in the platform! Polina is also a sweetheart to work with!"

Krista Williams

UX Design Lead

Chatham Financial

"Krista always goes above and beyond with anything she does. Even with her busy workload she is alway willing to make time to help others with their problems or projects. She's an example of an amazing UX Designer, Team Member, and Leader."

Gillian Zale

Senior Product Marketing Manager


"Gillian Zale stands out as an exceptional leader whose strategic acumen and collaborative approach drive impactful results for nearly every team at Crexi. Her innate ability to synthesize complex information and her deep understanding of our product and market dynamics consistently elevate our team's performance while being an amazing and positive collaborator. As a proactive and forward-thinking leader, Gillian's contributions extend beyond her role, demonstrating a genuine commitment to the success and growth of our various teams and stakeholders. Her passion for continuous learning and strategic vision are evident in her ability to identify innovative opportunities and spearhead initiatives that align with our long-term objectives. Gillian's collaborative spirit and optimistic stakeholder support ensure seamless integration across teams, fostering a culture of cross-functional collaboration, innovative idea generation, and collective success. Her leadership inspires confidence and fosters a sense of purpose among her peers, making her an invaluable asset to our organization.In recognition of her exceptional leadership, strategic foresight, and unwavering dedication, I proudly nominate Gillian Zale for this well-deserved recognition."

Saki Zamma

Key Account Manager

Shoreline Wind

"She goes the extra mile and delivers exceptional quality work and on top of that, she is a breeze to work with. She is the type of person who will excel in any role."

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