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Customers grow with Appcues

AdRoll’s growth team wanted to improve adoption to their new MailChimp integration. Rather than simply send an email, they published a targeted in-app message.


60% of AdRoll’s targeted list integrated with MailChimp successfully.

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Indiegogo uses Appcues to communicate product updates contextually.

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Bynder increased the speed of sales with a self-service product demo.

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It was a year after HubSpot upgraded its CMS, and thousands of customers hadn’t switched to the new one. Email hadn’t worked, and dev resources weren’t available to communicate in-product, so they published an in-app message to their laggards with Appcues.


171% more HubSpot customers upgraded to their new CMS.

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ProdPad had been iterating on its onboarding since first launch. They found that live chat didn’t scale and open source tooltips took too much engineering time. By using a user onboarding solution, they were able to iterate much faster.


80% faster trial-to-paid period.

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Online learning system increased free trial conversion by 112%.

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Amplitude bypasses development bottlenecks with Appcues


Our users have a fantastic experience

"Appcues is so powerful because it allows us to build our product marketing campaigns into a user’s natural workflow."

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Jeffrey Vocell

Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot

Jeffrey Vocell, Product Marketing Manager, HubSpot

"We've found that users getting through the Appcues onboarding sequence have higher median retention rates than those that just get our email onboarding sequence."

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Morgan Brown

Growth Driven COO, Inman News

Morgan Brown, Growth

"Pretty amazing that we went live with Appcues in just three weeks. We see BIG things happening with this already."

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Jaime Viera

Marketing Specialist, Schedulicity

Jamie Viera Schedulicity

"Appcues delivers on its promise, simple as that."

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Nic Mendoza

Co-Founder & Product Manager, Thrivehive

Nic Mendoza Thrivehive

"Appcues is consistently the best, most helpful and friendly team of any vendor we work with."

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Jason Ganz

Marketing Operations Analyst, Go Canvas

Morgan Brown, Growth

"More of the features we are building are actually getting used by the people they can help thanks to Appcues"

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Tom Rains

Senior Consultant, CMAP Software

Tom Rains CMAP Software

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