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Mates at the helm

Jonathan Kim

Co-founder & CEO

Jonathan Kim Appcues Co-founder & CEO

Born and raised in Hawaii, Jonathan traded his surfboard in for a MacBook Pro and taught himself to code while in college. He championed Customer Experience at Performable and went on to lead front-end development of HubSpot's Social Inbox.

He is best known for his role as Tommy Solomon on the 90s hit show 3rd Rock from the Sun.

Jackson Noel


Jackson Noel Co-founder Appcues

Hailing from the high seas of St. Louis, MO, Jackson is a reformed finance guy who switched into startups when he wanted something different. Most recently, Jackson led growth at Testive, an education technology startup.

Jackson loves music and public radio, and is a diehard St. Louis Cardinals fan.

John Sherer

Head of Sales

John Sherer Head of Sales Appcues

John loves sales, tech, product and people. So he sells tech to product-people.

Ty Magnin

Director of Marketing

Ty Magnin Marketing Appcues

Ty got his start producing video for startups in Boston while in college. He moved to NYC to work as the first marketer at Work Market where he helped scale the team from $100K in ARR to nearly $10M.

While at Work Market, Ty became an early customer of Appcues, and was so inspired by the product he come back to Boston to help build and share the Appcues story.

Pete Gamache

Head of Engineering

Pete Gamache Appcues Head of Engineering

Pete fell in with computers sometime in the mid-1980s.  After tours of duty in web design, system administration, scientific computing, ad tech, analytics, and marketing automation, he's excited to take on the challenge of building and scaling human systems as well as digital.

In his off hours, he's generally on a bicycle, playing drums in a punk rock band, or working on his latest open source developer tool.

Ray Di Ciaccio

Back-end Engineer

Ray Di Ciaccio Back-end Engineer Appcues

Ray is the only member of the Appcues team without an iPhone and MacBook. He gained his coding sea legs at MIT's Lincoln Laboratory, initially focusing on frontend before growing tired of tweaking CSS. Now he does a little of everything but mainly enjoys backend dev. When not coding, he likes brewing/drinking awesome beer, rock climbing and going on (very) long walks through the woods.

Ted Bennett

User Engagement

Ted Bennett Sales Appcues

Ted’s a Boston born, D.C. bred, Poly-sci & entrepreneurial Jumbo (‘13) turned Sales nerd

Former fry cook and after-school athletics coach, Ted may be the only team member with real nautical experience and certifications (Sailing coach). An avid skateboarder, builder (computers, wood stuff & LEGOs), and future comedian/politician - some may recognize him for his stunt-double role as JP in Grandma’s Boy.

Ted’s favorite emoji - 🍞

Jackie Smith

User Engagement

Jackie Smith

If you told former College of the Holy Cross English major Jackie she would some day work in tech sales, she probably would have never believed you. But, as the wise man Justin Bieber once said, never say never.

Having recently completed Oracle Sales Academy, Jackie left the corporate world behind to follow her entrepreneurial spirit and tackle the startup realm. On any given day, Jackie enjoys a good movie and tv “quote-off” and volunteering for the Relay for Life and Cycle for Survival.

Melissa Straus

Customer Success Manager


With an international background and BA in Psychology, Melissa is driven by learning about and helping others. Drawing from her experience in human services and healthcare, she aims to help Appcues' awesome users define and reach their goals.

Outside of Appcues, Melissa can be found with her labradoodle, Charlie, whose Instagram following has plateaued at a solid 600.

Brett Crowell

Full-stack Engineer


Brett wrote his first line of code in AppleScript for a science fair project in the 9th grade and has been addicted ever since.  He left his hometown of Syracuse, NY in 2007 to count parentheses (aka study Lisp) at Northeastern where he earned a degree in Computer Science.

Before joining Appcues, Brett worked at Affinnova (acq. by Nielsen) and completed co-ops at E-Rate Exchange, Bose Corporation, and MIT AMPS.  He loves solving problems, thoughtful design, big cities, long-distance running, digital media, and live music.

Guru Mahendran

Full-stack Engineer


Guru is the only Canadian member of Appcues. He enjoys mentioning this whenever possible.

Julia Chen

Content writer


Julia probably spends too much time reading old books and looking up things on the internet. After studying history at Harvard, she has turned her research lens towards tech. She loves the rapid change of pace in tech and its potential to affect human behavior for the better.

Outside of Appcues, Julia makes feeble attempts to be active.

John Martin

Full-stack Engineer

John Martin

Born in the tundra of New Hampshire, John is finding his sea legs in the technology industry. Finishing up his computer science and philosophy studies at Northeastern University, he has a passion for unobtrusive user experiences, people, ideas, travel, and ice cream.

>When not behind a keyboard, he can be found chatting over coffee (but he chats and has coffee behind keyboards, too).

Lindsay Falewicz



Lindsay got her professional start in public accounting and had spent substantial time in financial reporting and risk management within the banking world before moving into the tech industry.  Some days it feels like everyone is speaking to her in a foreign language but making sure the books are balanced and the metrics are measured is a universal language.

Outside of Appcues, she enjoys managing a small zoo out of her Boston home with her husband, two small kids and two crazy dogs.  

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Brian Hallagan, HubSpot

Dharmesh Shah, HubSpot

David Cancel, Drift

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Ric Calvillo, Nanigans

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