Crowd Content’s choose-your-own-adventure onboarding boosts conversion 15%

Crowd Content boosts engagement by letting new users personalize their journey with a choose-your-own-adventure onboarding—turning those first clicks into an impactful experience.

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One way to delight new users is to let them choose their own adventure—that is, their own onboarding adventure. Asking a couple of questions up front is the fastest way to personalize your user's experience.

And according to Product Manager Stefanie Brown, it can do wonders for conversion, too. After a lot of iteration, her choose-your-own adventure modal for Crowd Content resulted in a 15% increase in conversion.

Here's a quick glimpse into how:

  • She ordered the questions
  • She decided what to include in the modal
  • She used the Appcues Hubspot integration to improve the customer experience with an in-app survey

❓Give users the power to choose 

Crowd Content's platform connects clients seeking content writers with the freelancers they need to get the job done. But not every project is the same, which means users come to the platform with different needs. To address this, Crowd Content serves up a welcome modal ( bonus points for the friendly face 😍), that asks users how they plan to use their product.

Crowd Content user onboarding welcome modal

Crowd Content knows most of its customers fall into two groups: those working on one-off projects and those planning to use the product for continuous content creation. Each user is sent through a personalized onboarding flow depending on how they answer the questions in the modal. 

“There has been some rearranging of the options in the new user survey. We try to get the most important stuff at the get-go in the first couple of questions because we know people just want to get started.”

These unique flows ensure that users receive guidance on features that are relevant.

✅ A simple survey with a big impact

Stefanie harnesses the power of the Appcues-HubSpot integration to drive even more personalization with in-app surveys. By leveraging two custom properties in HubSpot—'One-Off' and 'On-Going'—she finely tunes the communication frequency with users.

'One-Off' users receive more up-front information and on-demand support, while 'On-Going' users are sent more frequent check-ins. This has been a great way for their small (but mighty!) team to streamline client communication. 

Crowd Content user onboarding survey using Appcues Hubspot integration

The results? The proof is in the percentage—and they increased conversion 15% by personalizing their onboarding with findings from their new user survey.

“Personalizing the onboarding experience with a new user survey improved our conversion rate by 15% because new users feel like someone cares about them and wants to ensure their success.”

TL;DR? Just say no to one-size-fits-all onboarding.