Xero’s dynamic setup guide

Xero packs their thoughtful “Setup Guide” with everything you need to get started—videos, product tours, checklists, knowledge base articles, and more.

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Everyone learns how to use a product differently. Some of us like diving into a quick video tutorial—while others want a guided, interactive tour of the product’s interface.

Xero gets this. 

Their accounting software packs their thoughtful “Setup Guide” with everything you need to get started—videos, product tours, checklists, knowledge base articles—it’s a fantastic hub for all of their onboarding resources.   

This ensures that each new user can get up and running quickly with the learning style that best suits them. 

We love that. 

Xero is a shining example of how to guide users through those critical first sessions with empathy and flexibility. 

So, we chatted with their Customer Success Manager, Courtney Jamison, and dug into what else we love about their onboarding.

🔎 Focus on action-oriented tasks 

Each of the items in Xero’s Setup Guide is categorized by meaningful tasks that new users might want to learn, such as sending an invoice or adding a bill. This approach enables new users to see how each task connects to a desired outcome. 

Our resident PLG expert Ramli John points out:

“When you go through each item in Xero’s Setup Guide, you're gonna be able to send an invoice, add a bill, connect your bank. By showing people how they can quickly accomplish things that are meaningful to their business with our software, it gets them activated faster and more invested in using us regularly.”

🙋🏽‍♂️ Give easy access to human assistance

Sometimes, users get stuck and just want help from an IRL human. That’s why Xero has a “Need Help” option alongside the informative content in their Setup Guide. Courtney points out: 

“Even if users don’t need assistance at the moment, knowing that help is available is reassuring. It helps foster trust and goodwill with new users.”

👩‍🎓 Accommodate different learning styles

By providing videos, slideshow tours, checklists, and more, Xero ensures users can learn in the way that suits them best—whether that’s reading, watching, or doing. As Courtney notes: 

“Maybe people learn through different methods or variations. Like, if you have a video that walks through, maybe that resonates with somebody. So it's nice that you might hit different learning styles too.”

💡 Key Takeaways

There are several key lessons we can learn from Xero's thoughtful onboarding experience:

  • Provide varied content formats (video, tours, text) to suit different learning preferences.
  • Focus onboarding on action-oriented tasks that drive immediate value.
  • Include visible access to human assistance when self-service isn't enough.