Onboarding drop-off analysis template

Reduce your time-to-value by identifying drop-off points in your user's journey to activation.

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Google Sheet


Andrew Capland

Coach for heads of growth | PLG advisor | 2x growth leader (Wistia, Postscript)

Delivering Value

Note from the contributor
The key to successful onboarding is shortening your product’s time-to-value so new users understand the value of your product as quickly as possible. I created this template to help me identify where you’re losing the most new users.

About this template

There's a certain amount of time and attention a new user will dedicate to your product. Use that time well, and they’ll spend it building momentum and realizing value.

But if you don’t build momentum—or waste users’ attention spans on low-value actions— they’ll probably churn and never return.

This template from Andrew Capland, Founder of Delivering Value, will help you figure out where most new users drop off in your onboarding experience.

How to use this template:

  • Map out a list of steps and milestones where users activate and see your product’s value
  • Get data on the number of new users who complete each step over the previous three months
  • Use this template to identify the largest drop-off point for new users

Once you’ve identified steps with low conversion rates:

  • Zoom in to understand why users are getting stuck inside of the product. You can use quantitative data to look for specific segments. Or use qualitative data (and even tools like Fullstory, Hotjar, CrazyEgg, etc.) to see where users are getting stuck or distracted.
  • Experiment with different designs, experiences, copy, and instructions to improve conversion.