What is user onboarding?

User onboarding is the practice of making your product or service as easy as possible for new customers to get value from. It’s a way to build retention directly into your business, ensuring that customers understand how the product works and why it’s worth paying for.


Improving user onboarding can:

  • Decrease drop-off after sign-up
  • Increase free → paid conversions
  • Decrease trial → paid period
  • Improve user engagement
  • Decrease churn/non-renewals
  • Increase retention

User Onboarding Strategies

There are several user onboarding strategies and tactics that have been established as best practices. You’ve probably seen—and even been swayed by—many of these. Recognize and master them:


User Onboarding Design

When it comes to designing the UX/UI of your user onboarding experience, there are many proven UI patterns and practices to delight your users and keep them engaged.


Aha! Moments

An Aha! Moment is the moment of first value received by your new users. It can be so powerful that they are inspired to exclaim ‘Aha!’ By designing your user onboarding experience to drive users to your Aha! moment, you can improve new user user retention.


User Onboarding Email

Email can compliment your product’s user onboarding process by assisting and re-engaging users that get stuck or drop-off.


Measuring User Onboarding

Measuring and analyzing the success of your onboarding experience is a bit of a unique process. The better you do it, the more insightful data you’ll have to iterate and improve in the future.


User Onboarding Software

There are several user onboarding softwares available to help you build, measure and iterate your user experience.

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