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Learn about our latest feature releases, product improvements and bug fixes.

Coming soon

  • Localization

    We’re working with our enterprise customers to support displaying flow content in the end user’s language.

  • Updated Flow Builder design

    We’re in the early stages of a Flow Builder redesign, following on all the stability work of the last few months.

  • Deprecate User Level Analytics beta

    Updates to our analytics backend are rolling out now, which will be especially impactful for customers with lots of flow and end users. Because we're deprecating our older analytics backend, the User Level Analytics beta feature is being shut down - for now. We learned so much from your feedback, look forward to new and better analytics in the future. 🌻

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February 2019

  • New tooltip placement prompt for clearer guidance

    At a recent User Test Fest, we learned it’s unclear how placing a tooltip works—especially to new users. After considering larger changes, we settled on simple guidance in the bottom bar, which appears while placing a tooltip.

  • Better error states across the product

    We know that things can still go wrong, even with all the work we’ve done to resolve issues over the last few weeks. When they do, we’re going to give you a heads up about what’s happened—and what you should do next. Both the Flow Builder and the dashboard got new error states in January. Our hope is that you’ll never be left feeling stuck or unclear about what to do next.

Even more news:

  • Dashboard

    - Checklist building page refactored— it’s now much, much faster to build and edit Checklists.
    - Error state handling in the dashboard. No more crashing!
    - Resolved more than 30 small issues and bugs—so many improvements, big and small.

  • Flow Builder

    - Improved the loading experience—it’s now even faster!
    - Improved communication about connectivity issues.
    - Refactored of all the key experiences to make them more reliable.
    - Rebranded and improved onboarding experience.
    - Squashed 12 bugs—should be a big step forward in improving the flow building experience.

  • SDK

    Improvement to permalink resiliency—permalinks now work even in apps with fast redirects.

January 2019

  • Helping users understand how to build flows across pages

    - After a user makes a page change for the first time, we now render a tooltip above the action step to educate users about the new page change type
    - We have another video overlay! This one renders for new users that click Navigate for the first time. This video shows users how to make page changes.
    - We redesigned the action settings modal by eliminating all of the on-screen text and moving it into hover tooltips. Also, the modal now provides links to the page change docs and video overlay in case further clarification is needed.

  • Improved analytics

    - We updated the analytics processing and delivery system to make it faster and match accurately with the exported analytics.

  • Faster Test Mode

    - We pushed some changes that make the test mode redirect (the new page that opens and loads your test) significantly faster in most cases.

  • CRX bug fixes - A more resilient Flow Builder

    We made tons of improvements and bug fixes to the Flow Builder this month.

    - We’re smarter about how we access steps within a page container.

    - We handle old user id’s that had malformed strings in them.

    - We better load TypeKit for our customers that use custom fonts.

    - We safely render templates even when they haven’t fully loaded yet.

    - We don’t try to add event listeners to hotspot and tooltip group frames if they don’t exist.

    - We fixed a bug that caused the CRX to crash on fine-tuning tooltips.

  • New SDK version

    - This version will more thoroughly close out the Action Driven Tooltip (ADTT) so that the flow can proceed to the next step.

    - If a user navigates too quickly across pages, this version saves the navigation in the SDK’s flow state in a better way. It more reliably carries that action across pages and waits for the correct one to match (or until the page check limit is reached).

December 2018

  • Easier testing and flow collaboration with Test mode

    Appcues test mode allows you to quickly and easily test flows live on your site, just how they'll appear to end users. You can also share test mode links with collaborators, so they can see your flows live without needing an Appcues login or the Flow Builder installed.

  • Dashboard

    - Clearer button to launch the Flow Builder from the Dashboard, and it now opens in a new tab (eds note: thank you all for the feedback on this).

  • Flow Builder

    - New error state for the Flow Builder. When something goes ‘bump’ in the night for the Flow Builder, now you’ll be the first to know.
    - More educational content in the Flow Builder, this time for Page Changes.

November 2018

  • More Dashboard updates for brand alignment and usability

    Following up on the October 2018 updates to our Appcues brand, we’ve continued making changes to our in-app Dashboard to make usage more consistent, increase the speed of search and filter on the Flow List, and color and style updates to better align with the brand. These changes also include a few UI bug fixes and a visual overhaul of the NPS product.

  • More flexible user navigation through flows

    In November, we released “Let the User Navigate” functionality for page changes within flows. With Let the User Navigate, the user will be able to interact with the current page, and even navigate to a page outside the flow. If they end up back on a page that matches the expected path, the flow will continue. Let the User Navigate also introduces support for wildcards, so matching dynamic sections of URLs is a snap.

  • Dashboard

    - The default domain for targeting purposes will now be the domain the flow was built on. We learned this was far superior to defaulting to “Everywhere my Appcues embed script is installed”.
    - Related: if you remove the last domain in your targeting settings, “Everywhere my Appcues embed script is installed” will no longer be auto-selected. Another change to soothe anxious nerves.
    - Flows will no longer show by default in the in-app widget. This was a big headache for customers who were using this beta functionality.

  • Flow Builder

    - The “Add step” button is now displayed inside the current page group, alongside the steps on that page. Our goal is to make it clearer where you are adding steps, and be able to add steps into the middle of a flow.
    - Similar to the Dashboard, we made a number of branding consistency and usability updates to the Flow Builder.
    - We spotted some templates that didn’t have preview images, which made it a bit scary to add those to your flow. No more!
    - A few improvements to the reliability of the Flow Builder. No need to go into nitty-gritty details, but it should work more reliably, and more improvements are planned.

  • SDK

    - A user tracking bug we had with anonymous users have been resolved. This is now working as intended.
    - 4 bug fixes for Checklists, including an update to the Google Analytics integration.
    - The SDK now serves CSS from a CDN, rather than directly from the API. This should save ~100ms per request in most cases. Faster is better.

October 2018

  • We glowed up!

    We’ve been hard at work on this one, and we’re excited to share the results! Appcues is growing quickly, and it was time for our brand to evolve as well. Both the homepage and app dashboard underwent a major re-design, which is still rolling out. You’ll start to see a lot of “blurple” around these parts and we hope you love it!

    The app re-design is rolling out slowly, but you can activate it anytime by clicking the banner on your dashboard.

  • Custom date range for CSV export (and export re-design)

    Lots of customers generate CSV exports of their flow analytics to get in-depth information on how each step of their flows are performing. We gave the export experience a fresh UX update, and added a _custom date range_ option, so you can get exactly the data you want. One more tiny change with a big impact: exports are now normal 'zip' files, rather than funky 'gzip'. Should save some time for the spreadsheet-obsessed out there.

  • Events & Properties re-design

    Events and Properties are an important part of proper targeting. We re-designed the layout of the page, to make them more readable and easier to use. They are split out into three separate categories (Events, Custom Properties, and Auto-Properties) to make it clearer which properties you control, and which are sent in automatically by Appcues.

  • Page Changes now added automatically

    Get excited, multi-page flow builders, the building experience is about to get much easier. A Page Change action will now get added to your Flow automatically when you navigate to and start building content on a new page. As part of this update, we also removed the modal that popped up when you navigated to new URLs. Because it was scary 👻.
    This is just the start. Over the next few months, we plan to continue improving the experience of building flows. We’ve snuck a few other small adjustments already, like moving the Step Settings button over to make room. Stay tuned for more!

  • Other Flow Builder changes this month

    - It’s now much more straightforward to delete a single step, rather than the whole group. No more accidentally deleting your hard work.
    - We removed Record mode from the Flow Builder. In it’s place, we’re working on a brand new “Test Mode” that you’re going to love. Get in touch if you want to beta test!

September 2018

  • Checklist beacon offset

    In addition to the left and right default positions, you can now customize the positioning and choose to place your beacon anywhere in your app.

  • Checklists wait for other content to finish first

    Checklists don’t block other Appcues patterns anymore. The Checklist now patiently waits for flows with modals and slideouts to complete before appearing.

  • Checklist Appcues.show()

    You can now manually trigger an Appcues checklist just like a flow. As checklists are different from flows and are inherently persistent, once manually triggered, the checklist will appear on all installed domains/subdomains regardless of targeting. To end this behavior, use Appcues.clearShow()

  • Other changes from this month

    - Show Step and Step Child IDs somewhere in the CRX (#426)
    - Fixed a nasty bug with flows ending prematurely after an action-driven tooltip into a page change.
    - The page targeting helper now support wild card domains
    - Share button is now 'Permalink' (better reflecting what it's for), and the Edit button has been moved down to be across from the Preview URL.
    - The "Publish Flow" confirmation modal now scrolls properly, so customers on small screens can still access the publish button.

August 2018

  • Checklist: All text now editable

    All the text on your checklist, including button text, is now customizable.

  • Checklist analytics went live

    You can now measure the performance of your checklists once you have published them.

  • Flow list tag management

    Now you can assign tags to your flows. The original categories that we had earlier are now used as tags for your flows.

July 2018

  • Little card in the targeting page

    Tells you more about events and properties, will give you data type and example values.

  • New subscription page went live

    Customers on modern plans should be able to see their plan details, MAU info, billing details and Billing History.

  • Checklist: Sequential checklist support available

    If there are certain steps that you want your customers to take in a specified order, you can toggle the checklist so that an item cannot be initiated until the preceding has been completed.

  • NPS data export went live

    You can now easily export a CSV for your NPS data.