Year in Review

A few things we shipped

image of checklist



We released Appcues Checklists for user onboarding, a scientifically proven way to boost activation and retention.

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image of rocketship


Product Launch Planner

How do you create a successful product launch? You planet! We re-released our Product Launch Planner to help make your next launch a blast.

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image of the new appcues logo



We glowed up! Also in October, we revealed the results of our 6-month long makeover and introduced the world to the color blurple.

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image of useer test fest logo


User Test Fest

We proudly announced User Test Fest—a rebrand of our popular user testing event, made even better.

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By The Numbers

gif of team celebrating
Our team has grown!

We're at 60 and counting...

and we've launched 15 confetti cannons to celebrate

The Real MVPs

20 office doggos

14 office cats(they're here in spirit)

1 dumpy tree frog

We fully embraced the cloud

Appcuties took 62 trips and visited 30 countries
Image of the globe with hotspots for where appcues employees have traveled