Using personalization to drive conversions and product adoption

Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Join Appcues and Mutiny to discover how personalization can drive increased conversion and product adoption.

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About this event

Conversion is no longer just about getting someone to enter their email address on your website. With the rise of self-serve SaaS, conversion now encompasses the entire customer journey, from users landing on your website for the first time, to becoming successful with your product.

Join Eric Keating, VP Marketing at Appcues, and Ryan Narod, Head of Marketing at Mutiny, as they share tactics on:

  • A comprehensive overview of personalization and how it helps marketers achieve their goals through increased conversion and product adoption

  • A clear roadmap on how to achieve personalization at scale

  • Unique personalization opportunities to show what’s possible

Mutiny is a no-code platform that helps SaaS companies increase conversions by personalizing their website for each visitor, and Appcues is a no-code product adoption platform that allows anyone to create stunning in-app experiences in minutes.

Meet the speakers:

Ryan Narod
Head of Marketing at Mutiny
Eric Keating
Eric Keating
VP Marketing at Appcues