How Xandr drives product adoption with data, process, and low-code tooling

Thursday, February 25, 2021

Join Appcues, Heap, and our shared customer Xandr, a unit of AT&T, in a conversation about establishing the right internal processes to harness and scale the power of user behavioral data to drive product adoption.

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About this event

In this session, you’ll hear from Natasha Desai, Director of Product Management at Xandr, Eric Keating, VP of Marketing at Appcues, and Carly Agar, Strategic Customer Success Manager at Heap.

We’ll dive into the practices and strategies Xandr applied to:

  • Build out a reliable, trustworthy data infrastructure to increase buy-in across stakeholders including engineering, product and design/UX

  • Master data governance, so everyone understands what’s been tracked and is aligned on adoption and growth goals

  • Coordinate and align the “engagement trifecta” (product, engineering, design) to design the right engagement strategy

With Appcues and Heap working together, it’s never been easier to understand your users and create personalized, in-app experiences that boost engagement and adoption within your product.

Meet the speakers:

Natasha Desai
Director of Product Management at Xandr
Carly Agar
Strategic Customer Success Manager at Heap
Eric Keating
Eric Keating
VP, Marketing at Appcues