Why choose Appcues over WalkMe?

All the features you need at a much better price.

“Pretty amazing that we went live with Appcues in just three weeks. We see BIG things happening with this already.”

Jaime Viera, Marketing Specialist, Schedulicity

Friendlier on your wallet

Pricing that scales as you grow. All the features you need, at a fraction of the price.

Easier to use

Don’t spend half your week on walkthroughs. 
Build them with Appcues in 10 minutes or less.

Appropriate impact

All the capabilities you need, 
without the extraneous stuff you don’t.

Native styling

If you care how it looks, Appcues is the only choice. Set themes that fit seamlessly with your existing product.

Using Appcues is easy:


Create native-looking walkthroughs and feature call outs with our user-friendly editor.


Push flows live with the click of a button, targeting users by persona, properties and in-app behaviors.


Monitor how Appcues flows perform at a high-level, while gauging their impact over key user behaviors.

Easily build Appcues flows

Choose the right pattern for your users

Engage users in your product with modals, tooltips, hotspots, and more.
See welcome example

Make it look just like your product

Use our design editor to customize the look and feel of your Appcues flows.
See product tour example

Build in minutes; not days

Our point-and-click editor is powered by a Chrome extension that makes creating flows as easy as drafting an email.
See personalization example

WalkMe users often ask us:

Do I need my engineers to create audience segments?

Definitely not. Appcues lets you pass your data to our platform and segment from there.
Is Appcues secure?

Very. We'll only collect the data you choose to send to us. We work with companies in health care and payment processing who use Appcues in compliance. We're happy to talk about your technology stack and how integrating with Appcues relates from a security standpiont. Please fill in the above form.
How do you install Appcues?

It’s super easy. Just drop two lines of javascript before your product’s closing head tag. One for us to embed content into your product, and the other for you to pass your customer attributes to Appcues for targeting purposes.
Do you handle localization?

Yes. You can create content for multiple languages and target based on your users’ browser defaults.