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How Appcues works
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Welcome message

Implement Welcome Messages

A well-crafted welcome message can provide much-needed motivation to get new users to engage with your app.

Teach New Users How to Use Your Product

Point out important UI elements to ensure new users don't get frustrated or lost.

Customize Onboarding Experiences by Persona

Get new users to their first Aha! moment faster with personalized onboarding experiences.

"We've found that users getting through the Appcues onboarding sequence have higher median retention rates than those that just get our email onboarding sequence."

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Morgan Brown

Growth Driven COO, Inman News

Morgan Brown, Growth

"Appcues helps our team easily launch onboarding experiences for our customers without having to rely on our developers to code, review & ship each variation we need."

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Jonathan Lui

Co-Founder & Director, Airtasker

Morgan Brown, Growth

"Appcues enables us to hold a customer's hand through onboarding and track how well it's going."

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Rohit Shenoy

Senior Product Manager, Toast

Rohit Shenoy Toast
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StoryboardThat improved user onboarding
by 112% using Appcues.

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Our onboarding engine sits on top of your product

Onboard by persona

Increase activation for each
of your products or user persona

Personalize the experience

Develop deeper relationships
with a tailored experience

A/B testing

Optimize your onboarding to
maximize your activation rate

Flow analytics

Measure the success of
each onboarding experience

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