Why choose Appcues over Intercom?

More advanced messages and walkthroughs that better drive user behavior.

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“Chat requests began taking up so much of my time that I had almost none left for strategic initiatives.”

Andrea Saez, Head of CS, ProdPad

More personalized

Trigger and personalize walkthroughs
in the most advanced way you can imagine.

Scales faster

Don't hire reps to answer chats. 
Teach users with automated guidance.

A better look and feel

Make your messages look like your product, 
not like someone else's.

Integrates with existing tools

Send your data to and from Appcues.
We even integrate with Intercom.

Easily build Appcues flows

Choose the right pattern for your users

Engage users in your product with modals, tooltips, hotspots, and more.
See welcome example

Make it look just like your product

Use our design editor to customize the look and feel of your Appcues flows.
See product tour example

Build in minutes; not days

Our point-and-click editor is powered by a Chrome extension that makes creating flows as easy as drafting an email.
See personalization example

Pendo users often ask us:

Do you have a chat widget?

Appcues integrates with chat platforms, but we doesn't include one in its product offering. Instead we offer a full suite of in-app messaging tools to engage your users at scale.
Does Appcues 'float' on top of my product like Intercom?

Not really. Appcues looks native to your product, and you can control the placement of your in-app messages.
Do you integrate with a knowledge base?

Yes. You can link to Appcues flows from any existing knowledge base to help users with product walkthroughs.
Is Appcues immediately recognizable?

No—Appcues looks exactly like your product once you customize it with our styles editor.
Do people use Appcues with Intercom?

Yes, definitely. Intercom provides email and chat features that compliment Appcues well. We integrate with Intercom to make them work well together.
How do you install Appcues?

We've focused on making our platform super easy, so you should have no trouble building the flows you imagine. That being said, we have an excellent team who is always available to help you answer questions, point you to beautiful sample flows, or advise you in getting the most out of our platform.