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Promote local events in-app with Salesforce + Appcues

Ecosystem intro:

We’re talking about sales, so let’s run a quick roleplay. I’m your sales manager. I want to run a local event in New York City for all of our users in the area. What do you do?

Chances are, you log into Salesforce and create a list, right? You get the Reps and CSM’s on the phone and start calling customers. Then you email everyone in the area, hope for a high open rate, and show up in New York, event planner in tow.

But what if...

Instead of relying on crowded channels like email or phone calls, you could instantly target all of your local active users, while they’re still logged into the product?

Driving event signups in the product should be the default. That’s where your best users live.

What metric will this impact?

This formula is built to help you drive more attendees, fast, with the added benefit of saving time for you customer facing teams.

How does this work?

Once your Salesforce integration is configured, use your contact location properties to create a segment in Appcues consisting of local users.

Create your Appcues pattern, announcing your event on the most general page possible, like your dashboard page or the homepage of the app.

Select the segment you created before, and publish your flow! Now, watch the registrants flow in!

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