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Customer Success

Run in-app webinar campaigns with Appcues + GoToWebinar

Ecosystem intro:

GoToWebinar helps thousands of businesses create amazing webinars for their audiences. Whether you’re creating customer education resources, demand gen campaigns, or one-to-many sales activations, GoToWebinar’s platform has you covered.

But what if...

Instead of driving attendees with the standard channels (email, ads, marketing campaigns), you were able to engage prospects when they’re most likely to convert? 

In-app communications convert significantly better than email. With Appcues, you can publish webinar campaigns in the product, when users are already thinking about your brand and subject matter.

What metric will this impact?

MQL’s, Webinar Attendees, Trial conversion, Pipeline generation

What’s the formula?

Create your webinar in GoToWebinar.

Create a new demand source for the links you’ll use in your Appcues content.

Create a segment of potential attendees (for example, all non-customers, or enterprise headcount trialers).

Build your Appcues experience, customizing with properties like {first_name}, or {company_name}.

Publish and watch the registrants roll in!

Recommended formulas