The Night Before Launch Day

Written by: Jackson Noel Jackson Noel 

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Twas the night before launch day, when all through the team,
Not a distraction in sight, not even a meme.
This feature is ready to fill that big hole;
Now all that awaits is a simple git-pull.

The engineers just tied up the final loose threads,
While visions of engaged users danced in their heads.
And our VP of Product and I with our data,
Have decided it’s finally time to leave beta.

When across the room someone suddenly exclaimed,
Getting users to adopt will be a real pain.
Away to the whiteboard, I flew in a flash,
We must have a plan so our launch doesn’t crash!

2 emails are scheduled, so too a blog post,
But those will drive only 100 users at most.
Our Account Managers can reach out, they seem available!
But my VP retorts: that doesn’t seem too scalable.

With ambitious growth plans, we must stay on track,
We need an in-product experience that drives users to act!
To our engineering team I go and inquire,
But they’re on a tight deadline; it’s down to the wire.

I hastily Google for what I should do,
And find something that seems too good to be true.
It’s a SaaS solution that looks quite compelling to me,
Where you to build in-product experiences, code-free!

I sign up with a zip and start the free trial,
How have I launched without it all this while?
With it I’ll become a user engagement hero,
And my engineering requests will drop down to zero.

I first create a modal to build user motivation,
And follow it with some hotspots for UI education.
Making it look right is challenging yet rewarding,
But before I know it I have our feature onboarding!

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