Julia Chen

How Shopping Sites Use Tooltips to Close Deals

Everyone might be trying to sell something, but not all approaches to selling are equal.

How E-Commerce Apps Entice Users with Laser-Focused Onboarding

In 1995, Clifford Stole voiced a popular opinion in the Tech & Science section of Newsweek:
Product Management

The Ultimate Guide to Launching a Product Redesign / 2.0

Product redesigns and 2.0s are moments of accomplishment and celebration for product teams. But with change comes anxiety for many users...

How to Reduce Churn with a Customer-Focused Cancellation Flow

Canceling ≠churn.Too many SaaS teams see the moment when a customer presses the “Cancel my account” button with a feeling of surrender.

How to Grow Insanely Engaging Products with Success Messages

Product managers and marketers often fall into the trap of “carrot and the horse” thinking. They dangle carrots in front of users...

How HR Software Tools Are Cutting Through Complexity with User Onboarding

It's hard to imagine a business process that's more bureaucratic and messy than HR. Tons of paperwork and complicated processes are still...

Getting Past the Empty State: How 5 Popular CRM Tools Onboard Users

The CRM system is the central nervous system of any organization that spends significant time communicating with customers...

How 5 Top Project Management Tools Onboard Users—and Win Over Their Whole Team

Onboarding individuals can be hard enough. Most users who sign up won't stick around long enough to achieve meaningful value with the...
Customer Experience

How to Get Qualitative User Feedback to Improve Onboarding

User onboarding is never finished. Gathering user feedback and improving onboarding isn’t just helpful. It’s necessary to providing...

The 8 Growth Tactics that Use Personalization to Impress and Convert

Personalizing your product's experience is one of the most powerful ways to impress, convert, and retain users.

How Great User Onboarding Helps These Messaging Apps Grow to 1 Billion Users

Mobile messaging apps are going to dominate the web. They're already bigger than social networks, and the falling prices...

The 9 Best Upselling Prompts for B2B SaaS Companies

You've just paid $20 to visit an art museum for the day. You know you're going to love it—wall to wall Picassos and Pollacks...
Customer Experience

LinkedIn's User Onboarding: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Everyone knows LinkedIn as the “world’s largest professional network,” but it hopes to become much more...
Customer Experience

The 10 Best In-App Messaging Examples That Engage Users and Drive Actions

Apps often have to ask a lot—fill out this form, enable this integration, keep up with these updates—before users can benefit from the...
UX Design

How Travel Sites Use UI Patterns to Nudge Customers

Few industries have to cater to as diverse needs as the travel industry does...
Customer Experience

How GitHub Promotes Collaboration With an Inclusive Onboarding Experience

From 2008 to 2017, software platform GitHub grew to 26 million users, becoming the world's largest host of source code.

How to Improve User Engagement with Play: 4 Lessons from Award-Winning Kids' Apps

Before the age of three, kids make a million new neural connections per second. Their brains take in new information and transform with it..
UX Design

5-Star vs. Thumbs-Up: When to Use Which Rating System

Netflix officially ditched its classic 1-to-5-star rating system for a binary thumbs-up, thumbs-down rating system.
Product Management

LearnVest's Head of Product Shares His Best Storytelling Tips for Product Managers

“What’s your story?” That’s Vivek Bedi’s favorite question to ask product managers in interviews.

A Practical and Brief Guide to Growth Hacking

Growth hacking only works when customized to a specific situation. One company's growth hack could be another company's downfall.

A Guide to the Best Growth Hacking Books, Courses, Conferences, and More

Even masters of their craft never stop learning. For anyone looking to become an expert in growth, keeping up with the latest experiments...
Product Management

Lean User Onboarding

The lean mindset calls for vigorous experimentation and constant improvement. While speed is valuable, Eric Ries, in The Lean Startup...

The Ultimate Growth Toolbox: 60 Growth Hacking Tools for Every Area of Your Product

Read all the blogs about growth out there and you might glean that growth hacking is an exclusive mindset that some people just get.
Customer Experience

How to Tell a Better Story With Your Product

The ancient Greeks passed stories down from generation to generation. Even before writing and reading became popular, the oral tradition...

How Wealthfront Disrupts a Trillion-Dollar Industry

All entrepreneurs dream of building a product that can improve the world in some way. Few take on the challenge of disrupting an industry...
Customer Experience

How to Design Persuasive Call-to-Actions for Every Step of the User Journey

Great CTAs shouldn't be mere nudges—they should help the user complete specific actions that unlock pieces of your product's core value.
UX Design

Minimum Viable Usability Testing

Steve Blank’s order to get out of the building has become a mantra for founders and product teams alike. While we all know the importance...
Product Management

6 Outstanding Release Notes Examples (And How to Use Each)

When Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge went into hiding in St Mary's Hospital in London, they had a plan. A series of...
UX Design

The Dos and Don'ts of In-App Notifications

A bad in-app notification can make your user leave your product quicker than you can say “spam.” A good one can give your user real value...

Stop Making Your Product So Accessible: 4 Ways to Fuel Product Growth with Scarcity

“I don’t care to belong to any club that will have me as a member." — Groucho Marx
Customer Experience

How Apple Pay and Mint Beat the Competition with Better Product Design

A good idea, no matter how innovative or helpful, isn't enough to guarantee product success. The scary reality is that 90% of startups fail.

How to Motivate Users Through the Activation Funnel

Around this time of year, I often wonder how much better my life would be if I’d kept all my new year’s resolutions. I’d eat healthier...
Product Management

How to Make Your Product an Overnight Success in Just 10 Short Years

The winner of multiple Tony awards, a Pulitzer, and two Grammies pulled off his biggest Broadway hit last year: Hamilton. The show...
Customer Experience

How to Onboard Invited Users and Fast-Track User Engagement

“I’ve heard so much about you.” This is one of the first things we say when we meet a good friend’s friend or significant other...

How to Influence User Behavior Towards Taking Meaningful Action

Can you think of all the steps a user has to take before they start benefiting from your product?

Ways to Build More Effective Product Tours

Product tours do the important job of introducing users to your product or new feature. When done well, they can enhance the user...
UX Design

UX Secret Sauce: The One-Two Punch that Hooks Users Into a Habit

Imagine winning a race without the thrill of crossing the finish line. No cheering crowds, no medals, not even a pat on the back from a...
Product Management

5 Ways to Keep User Onboarding Simple

Whether you are creating a new user onboarding experience for the first time or are iterating one for the dozenth time, simplicity is a...
Customer Experience

To Improve Product Engagement, Think Outside of the Product

We’re all drawn to bigger, better, and shiner things. This is true whether you’re acting as a consumer or a maker...

The Importance of Customer Retention by the Numbers

Metrics are a funny thing in SaaS.
UX Design

Designing Points of User Friction for Delight

Every word and UI element in your product is an opportunity to make a good impression and deliver value to your users.

Choosing the Right UI Pattern for Your Product Update

A product update isn’t really about your product. It’s about your users.

How Freemium Apps Convert Users with Brilliant Upgrade Prompts

Dropbox. Slack. Spotify. Evernote. Box. Zynga. LinkedIn. Buffer. MailChimp. Wistia. Trello. Skype. Zapier...

4 Simple Ways to Personalize Your Product Experience

Imagine Netflix or Amazon without recommendations. Pretty weird, right?
UX Design

User Testing Day: How We Honed Our User Testing Strategy

“So...what is this supposed to do?” I hear.

An Essential Guide to Designing Products for Global Users

One of the most exciting things about working in SaaS is the promise of rapid, limitless growth. As product people in technology today...

We Increased Our Activation Rate by 2.5x in Just 15 Minutes. Here's How.

There’s nothing like new step-function growth to make you introspective. You know. The kind that looks like this:

7 Loading Pages that Make Waiting (Almost) Fun

Whoever said good things come to those who wait probably never had to sit through rush hour traffic, get their license renewed, or wait...
UX Design

Product Tours: When to Use Which UI Pattern

Product tours can be powerful tools for orientating your users. They can introduce new users to your UI, help with new product launches...

The Dos and Don'ts of Aligning Your Welcome Page and Welcome Email

New users want to love your product, despite what your churn fears may tell you.
Product Management

67 Open Source Modal Window Plugins Made with jQuery, JavaScript, CSS, and more!

Modals are flexible windows that sit on top of a product’s main window, interacting with users without disrupting their ux flows...

How LINE Saved Its IPO by Simplifying Its User Onboarding Experience

It’s no secret that LINE is the messaging app to watch this year. Two weeks ago, the Japanese messaging app achieved a tremendously...

Product Managers and Sales: The Alliance that Leads to a Better Product

It’s 4:30 on the last day of a tough quarter. You’re getting flooded with new customer emails, singing the praises of sales reps who ARE...

How to Uncover User Frustrations and Get Insights that Really Matter

If you’re on the hunt for user insights, net promoter scores and user satisfaction surveys are great to have in your toolkit. However...

How to Design for Trust and Keep Users Engaged for the Long Haul

Trust is the bedrock of any good relationship. Just ask anyone who has ever been burned by an ex, ripped off by a once-reliable store...
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