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The Growth Timeline

As humans, we evaluate software in much the same way as we evaluate relationships with other humans.

How Infomercials Nail the Jobs-to-be-Done Framework

“But wait, there’s more…”

How TurboTax Makes a Dreadful User Experience a Delightful One

Let’s start with the good news: When Donald Trump assumes his gold-plated throne in the Oval Office, 50% of US households will file their...

How Storyboard That Increased Free Trial Conversion by 112% Using Appcues

With a small engineering team, user onboarding was difficult to prioritize for Storyboard That.
Customer Experience

How HubSpot Used Appcues to Make its Users More Successful

Appcues is so powerful because it allows us to build our product marketing campaigns into a user’s natural workflow.

Why 'Feature Blindness' Is Killing Your App's Retention and How You Can Fix It

Digital advertising spend approached $60 billion dollars in the year 2015—meanwhile, more than 80% of ads go ignored. Ironically...

The 5 Best User Onboarding Examples

“So, who has the best user onboarding experience?” We get this question all the time. And the answer is, well, complicated.

Why User Onboarding is the Most Important Part of the Customer Journey by 2.6x

User onboarding is crucial. Here's the best strategy to retain users throughout the customer journey.

3 Fundamental User Onboarding Lessons from Classic Nintendo Games

Game developers in the 1980s didn’t just need to teach people how to play the games they made, they needed to teach people how to play...

The Night Before Launch Day...

Twas the night before launch day, when all through the team, Not a distraction in sight, not even a meme.
UX Design

5 Notable Changes Slack Made to its User Onboarding Experience

It’s been over a year since Slack emerged as the darling of the SaaS world. During this meteoric rise, the messaging...

Minimum Viable User Onboarding

For a small startup with limited resources, optimizing your user onboarding experience can be a daunting task. In fact, I typically...

Atlassian's $5.5 Billion User Onboarding Magic

When the Atlassian team rang the opening bell on the NASDAQ last week, investors around the globe had the opportunity to park their...

How Our Pricing Increase Emails Grew Sales 263%

On the last day in July, team Appcues rejoiced in some much deserved celebration. It was our largest sales month ever...

Market Broader, Gain User Insight, & Preserve Your Brand with this Onboarding Growth Hack

Falling short on your software promise is the worst. Your users are your lifeblood, and if you cannot provide them value, what once...
Customer Experience

4 Copywriting Principles that will Make New Users Like You


Supercharging New Users' Desire with Variable Rewards

If I asked you for a dollar and promised 94 cents in return, would you do it?
Product Management

Leveraging User Psychology for User Onboarding, Part Two

Product Management

Leveraging User Psychology for User Onboarding, Part One

Long before A/B testing became commonplace in user onboarding for digital marketers...
UX Design

Onboarding New Users—An Interview with Samuel Hulick

When it comes to onboarding new users, it’d be difficult to find anyone who knows more than our friend Samuel Hulick.

The Three Sources of Motivation for User Onboarding

In this lesson, we’re going to use what we’ve learned about designing for real customers to dive even further into user psychology.
Product Management

Onboarding Existing Users

Let’s say you’ve built a great community of users who love your product and engage with it often.
Product Management

Intro to User Onboarding

Let’s say you just started a SaaS company or online business. You spend countless hours researching the industry, talking to potential...
Product Management

Shortening Your Time to WOW

In the last lesson, we covered the importance of finding your WOW moment. That moment when a user say “WOW, this is awesome” ...

Finding Your Product's First WOW Moment

As we stressed in the Introduction to User Onboarding, the main ingredient of a great onboarding experience is creating a WOW moment
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