Why choose Appcues over Pendo?

Don’t add yet another source of truth. Appcues is a best-in-class product platform that integrates with your current analytics solutions.

The most comprehensive UI pattern library

Appcues allows you to choose from a wide variety of UI patterns that your users are familiar with—including checklists, hotspots, modals, slideouts, surveys, and tooltips.

No HTML/CSS coding required

Appcues empowers everyone on your team to create experiences—without writing a single line of code. That means the folks closest to your users create experiences tailored to them.

Create and save themes and templates

Appcues is designed to be completely indistinguishable from your product. You get full design flexibility, custom themes, and the ability to edit the raw CSS of the patterns we provide. Save themes and templates to make your next project even faster.

Integrate with your existing tech stack

While Pendo only allows you to use their limited analytics platform, we integrate with the best-in-class analytics tools you're already using—including Amplitude, Heap, Mixpanel, and Google Analytics.

More than 1,200 companies are using Appcuesto transform their product experiences

top companies include

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