Why are top companies choosing Appcues over Intercom?

Because we help reduce cognitive friction. With Appcues, your users feel like they’re interacting with your product—not another brand’s experience.

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The most comprehensive UI pattern library

Appcues allows you to choose from a wide variety of UI patterns that your users are familiar with—including checklists, hotspots, modals, slideouts, surveys, and tooltips.

Completely native-looking experiences

Appcues is designed to be completely indistinguishable from your product and fully scalable—not just an add on to the chat experience. That means full design flexibility, custom themes, and the ability to edit the raw CSS of the patterns we provide.

Hyper-targeting for your audiences

Appcues allows you to target and segment users based on their real-time, in-product behavior as well as all user properties you pass to us through third-party integrations.

Detailed performance insights

Learn and iterate on how your users engage with your experiences by viewing detailed insights about their performance.

Thousands of companies use Appcues to deliver frictionless, product-led experiences at scale.

top companies include